Monday, March 10, 2014

             News on the Divine Mercy Brothers of Our Lady of Perpetual Help
                                                             In Kenya
Praise be to our God of Mercy,
          The community is doing well and are very busy helping people. We are sorry to say that they have lost one of the brothers in a drowning accident while going to work crossing over a bridge. Pray for them. The Lord has blessed them with a new 6 bedroom house given to them by a mother that Br. Paul had helped with her son a year ago and found him through this web site again, Praise God. They are getting ready to be taking their vows with the bishop next month. Now beside all this they are very poor themselves and need help and so if you can pray and see what our Lord would have you do to help them. It is hard for me now because of me no longer having money being in an order myself.  You can email him at,  or send money  to  Paul Ochieng Ogada in Kenya  via moneygram or western union. Thank you and God Bless.
 As for me well I am doing fin getting adjusted with everything here. The brothers are open to me and are patient with me. I being one of only two brothers, the others being priests or seminarians, have split the chores between us. One doses the washing and ironing and half the cooking for everyone.  I do all the cleaning of house and half the cooking and hopefully in the future some of the repairs. My day starts at 5 am and ends at 9 pm with prayers 4 or 5 times a day. It is quite with now radio, see some TV, moves picked by the father to see if you want to or do something ales. We can hear music and get news only by ear phones by computer. I will hope to have pictures when I get some. I hope to take vows in August or September. It has taken me 40 years to get back to this point in my life. I in my late teens had entered the Franciscan order and left after 3 years and later married and had children and now the Lord letting me finish my journey to Him. Praise be to our Merciful God Amen.
                                                     Pray for us always as I for you
                                                                      Br Emile  

Thursday, February 13, 2014

                                          Canons Regular of the Immaculate Conception



                                                                                       February 10 20014
My dear friends and  family,
            I am writing you all to inform you of a great thing which has happened to me sent you last saw me. You know of me trying to start a new community for men that couldn’t fulfill there call to serve our Lord because of their age.  I myself have been trying this for 4 years now has also started it in Kenya. As you know by my news letter that the church would not allow the brothers to come to the U.S. so with the help of the Holy Spirit started it there in Kenya. The Spirit has moved so fast there that there bishop is taking them and they will soon be taking their vows with him, within six months of them starting. As for me I can’t get my brothers that are scattered all over the U.S., to come together. In my prayers to the Lord I reminded Him that we all are not getting any younger (all in the 50’s, 60’s). I soon found out why. I received a call from an order that had rejected me 4 years prier, informing me that they wanted me to come and visit them there in Santa Paula. While there they came to tell me that with all I had been doing and seeing my spiritual growth, wanted me to join them immediately. I was confused and went in to prayer on this. What was I going to do with the community I was trying to get started here?  This is when I could see why I couldn’t get it started here, but in Kenya it toke off instantly. I was to start it there and now that it is under their bishop I am to let go and now start my life here with the Canons. The deacon that wanted to join me was also called to an order in Calf, while the other brothers sill couldn’t break form their families. As of Jan. 31 2014 I am now here in Santa Paula Calf with the Canons Regular of the Immaculate Conception and hope to take my vows this September. I believe that because of my faithfulness to our Lord, He has granted me with this blessing to now serve Him as I have been trying to do for many years. I hope you will look us up at to see what we are about and of course see how you can help. I will be a brother so will be working to maintain the repairs, cleaning and part of the cooking for the community. I hope to send you more about us through the mail and if you want to be taken off of the list, please let me know. God bless and hope you keep me in your prayers as I will for you all.
                                                                          Br Emile

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Praise our Lord Jesus Christ
I would like to introduce our New Divine Mercy Brothers of Kenya.
They couldn’t come to the states so we made a New community of Brothers there.
Brother Paul will be getting his habit and will be the Brother Superior of the house.
The others will be getting there’s as they finish there year in Postulancy and another year in Novitiate.
Pray for them and us here.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

                                    Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ       

           I have some good and bad news about our brothers in Africa. I had hoped to bring them here with us, but when I met with the bishop, it was a no. I had been hearing that this may happen so had been praying to our Lord that I wouldn’t lose them.  This is when the Holy Spirit showed me to start a Divine Mercy Brothers there in Kenya, so we have done just that. There is now a Divine Mercy Brothers of Kenya getting started there in Africa.  Br. Paul has been working with the poor, sick, dying in Kenya for some time now and his brothers will continue. As for us here, we will continue been cloistered and will be the prayer source for his work. He now has been blessed with a car, house and land to grow all his food to eat and sell for his money, so keep him also in your prayers.
           Well in meeting with our bishop here in El Paso TX, he told me he could see that our community could benefit the diocese but I had no community to work with. I explained to him how my brothers were scattered all over the place and needed his help to get them all together. That’s when he told me he couldn’t help but to keep in touch with him. We are now trying to see how we can come together. Our deacon will be trying to meet with the bishop here and may come down from NJ to do that. As for me, I had been helping my mother take care of my sick sister but has just lost her and now it is just me and my 84 year old mother. I have asked our Lord now what, we are not getting any younger. I more and more have seen that it is all in God’s hands and His time and all we can do is pray and trust in our Lord.

                 Keep us all in your prayers, God Bless and may His Mercy be with you always,

                                                     Br. Emile